Android Application for the DAEnetIP2 Controller Board

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Android and DAEnetIP2 Controller with Relaysblue




An Android Application


The featured Android application is offered to extend control of the DAEnetIP2 controller and relay board to your Android phone.  This application is designed to work on an Android Smartphone or Tablet, however the screens are optimized for Smartphones.  If there is much interest in Tablets, then iSwitch would be happy to provide new Tablet screen layouts in the near future.  Please express your interest on our Contact Us page.

Please visit the DAE website to select from several relay board configurations.  They offer boards with 2, 4, 8 and 16 relays at very reasonable pricing.  Also, you will find extensive documentation on the IP Controller and Boards, as well as many other interesting products.  The DAE controller board also has 8 analog to digital inputs with 10 bit resolution.  For folks who may not know, 10 bit resolution means the converter linearly converts a voltage of 0 to 3.3 volts to a register reading of 0 to 1024 (thus 2 to the 10th power = 1024) .  This will produce very accurate readings from quality sensors.

We currently have implemented a monitoring system on a remote Radiant Floor Heating system that incorporates a pressure sensor and 4 temperature sensors (LM34A) on the various system zones.  From the Android phone, anywhere in the world that an internet connection can be made, we can view the health of the Radiant Floor Heating system in this vacation home and know that the home is safe from freeze up.

As mentioned above, DAE has several other controller products and configurations.  If we see enough interest from customers, we would welcome the opportunity to provide new mobile solutions as needed, or partner to provide custom development.

The folks at iSwitch are continuously researching inexpensive automation devices that are candidates for mobile applications.  Our desire is to produce software solutions for quality and cost effective automation electronics that the masses of folks can afford.  In today’s electronic world, automation in homes and business should be affordable by everyone…